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I've always thought of myself as a very passionate person in the sense that when I love something I get fully invested in it. Music, food and drinks have always been my holy trinity. I've always made music, I've always made food, and at this point I'm certain I'll be brewing/fermenting drinks in the future. I see these dinners as an ability to showcase my passions; almost a glimpse into my head. I put a huge amount of effort into crafting the courses, selecting the drinks, even curating the music is very important to me.

I vividly remember making omelettes at age 12 and telling my mother I was going to be a chef some day; cooking has always been a part of my life. About a year and a half ago it was one of my friend's birthdays and we were trying to decide which restaurant we were going to celebrate at. We couldn't come to a consensus so I offered to have everyone over at my apartment so I could cook. I made some gnocchi from scratch and lamb loin chops with a chimichurri. After cooking a full meal for 8 people in my apartment I realized that this might be something I could do professionally. I went on craigslist and found some tables, and invited 8 of my friends over for dinner. I was doing these dinner parties for friends for about half a year before I started selling tickets to the dinners on a website called eatwith. Now I have the luxury to bring these dinners to people all over this wonderful city...I hope to see you soon!